Four Championship Games

This will be the Giants 5th NFC Championship and sadly, I am old enough to remember them all.  Here are my four experiences.

Giants vs. Washington- January 1987, East Rutherford, NJ.  The Giants first NFC Championship was also the first time I went to a Giants game.  Yup, I was in the stands on a cold and windy day that saw the Giants beat Washington 17-0.  That was a weird game because I really didn’t think the Giants were going to lose.  They were the best team in the league without question and they had taken apart San Francisco the week before.  They already had two wins over Washington that year so I simply expected a third one.  Hey, I was young.

Giants vs. San Francisco- January 1991, somewhere over the East Coast  Yup, I was on a plane for most of the Giants game against the 49rs because I was in college and had to get back from Christmas Break.  Luckily, the plane I was on was heading to LaGuardia, so the pilot gave us update and I also used my walkman to listen to parts of the game when I could find a radio channel that worked (sorry FAA).  I was supposed to connect to another flight through LaGuardia that was delayed just enough for me to see Lawrence Taylor force that fumble and Matt Bahr kick the Giants into the Super Bowl.  When I boarded the connecting flight, the pilot came on the PA to announce that only Giants fans were welcome on this plane.  I’m pretty sure that the delay, which was blamed on maintenance, was so that the pilot could see the end of the game.

Giants vs. Minnesota- January 2001, Boston, MA. My 3rd NFC Championship game experience was watching this game from my apartment in Boston.  I could actually see the lights of Fenway Park out my window, but on that day my eyes were glued to the set.  I remember a bunch of friends were going out to watch the game, but since none of them were Giants fans, I decided to watch the game alone.  Well almost alone, my fiancee came in and out of the apartment a number of times from shopping and other stuff (she’s more of a hockey fan.)  I still can’t believe how dominant that offensive performance was.  Then again, remember who the offensive coordinator was.  (Hint, he coached a playoff team last weekend)

Giants vs. Packers- January 2008, Brooklyn, NY  It was seven years between NFC title games for the Giants and personally I had been busy.  The fiancee was now a wife.  We had moved back home to New York and had added a dog and a daughter.  Going into the game I knew the Giants would have to play the 18-0 Patriots if they won, so I had decided to really try and enjoy this game.  Lawrence Tynes made that very hard with those two misses in the 4th quarter, but he certainly redeemed himself in OT.

And now we come to our 5th NFC Championship Game.  Looking back on the previous four feels was certainly a walk down memory lane, but the thing that sticks out is that I have never been in the same place twice.  So, does sports karma direct me to find a new place to watch the game this Sunday?  Hmmmm….

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  • tim  On January 19, 2012 at 3:02 am

    good to see the new site.. I guess you are 12 months a year reading now for me! I was at both home NFC championship games. The SF game at Candlestick was very memorable and I even watched it the other day on youtube… They were coming off back to back Super Bowls and were a #1 cede in the playoffs when it meant something. I’m trying to remember but I believe that the Giants faked a punt in that game and Gary Reasons ran for about 30-40yrds and a first down. Massive play in the game but the signature play was always the Marshall hit on Montana.

  • nysportsfanatic  On January 19, 2012 at 4:20 am


    Thanks so much for taking the trip over here, it’s awesome to “see” you.

    Good memory on the fake punt, you nailed it.

    I was reading a piece on tonight about the Giants-49ers rivalry and how this game will make them the most frequent playoff opponents in NFL history. For me the signature moment of the rivalry will always be Bavaro carrying half the 49’ers secondary down the field on that Monday Night game in 86 when they came back from a 17-0 deficit. I am thrilled the Giants will get another shot at them.

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