We are 18 hours to kickoff and the Giants and Patriots are hopefully asleep in their beds right now. I won’t bore you with analysis or breakdowns of the game, but I will say I expect the offenses will have a good night. I have no idea how it will all end up, but I like the Giants’ chances.

Anyway, to pass the time before kickoff, here is a little quiz on the Giants and the Super Bowl.  Answers to be posted before kickoff.

1- Name the cities where the Giants have appeared in the Superbowl.

2- Name the only Superbowl where both QB’s were former Super Bowl MVP’s.

3- Name the QB’s for each of the Giants Super Bowl appearances.

4- How many coaches on Bill Parcells staff in 1990 went on to become head coaches in the NFL?  (For bonus points, name them)

5- How many times have the Giants been favored in the Super Bowl?

6- When was the last safety in the Super Bowl?  Who was credited with the tackle?

7- Including this year, what is the sum of the jersey numbers of the Giants’ starting QB’s in the Super Bowl?

8- How many teams have advanced to the Super Bowl in a season where they allowed more points than they scored?  Name the teams.

9- Who scored the first Giants touchdown in Super Bowl history?

10- What connection did the singer of the National Anthem in Super Bowl XLII have to the Giants?

11- If the Giants win on Sunday they will become the first team to win a Super Bowl on _____

12- What is the Giants’ cumulative point differential in the Super Bowl?

13-  How many Hall of Famers played in Super Bowl XXI?  Name them.

14- This is the fifth time the Giants have appeared in the Super Bowl, but you could make the case that they have been represented in the game a lot more than that.  How is that possible?

15- Who was the first Super Bowl MVP to “go to Disney World?”

16- What playoff seed did each Giant Super Bowl team hold?

17- What was the injury that prevented Phil Simms from playing in Super Bowl XXV?

18- What Giants QB leads the franchise in Super Bowl rushing yards?

19- Who holds the Giants franchise record for Super Bowl receiving yards?

20- The Giants finally appeared in a Super Bowl in 1987.  What original NFL franchises (pre 1959)

appeared after them?

21- What was the cost of a 30-second commercial during Super Bowl XXI?

Good luck and GO GIANTS!


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  • nysportsfanatic  On February 5, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    The answers are:

    1- Pasadena, Tampa, Tampa, Glendale and Indianapolis
    2- It’s this Super Bowl! Tom Brady vs. Eli Manning
    3- Simms, Hostetler, Collins, Eli and Eli
    4- Five- Bill Belichick, Tom Coughlin, Romeo Crennel, Al Groh and the immortal Ray Handley
    5- Only once, in SB XII, the four other times they have been underdogs.
    6- SB XXV when Bruce Smith tackled Hostetler in the end zone.
    7- 11+15+5+10+10=51
    8- One and it’s this Giants squad!
    9- Zeke Mowatt caught a six-yard pass from Phil Simms
    10- Jordin Sparks sang. She is the daughter of former Giants 2nd round pick, Philllippi Sparks.
    11- …every major network. SB XXI was on CBS, SB XXV was on ABC and SB XLII was on Fox. Today’s game is on NBC (hope you knew that!)
    12- minus 4. They won SB XXI by 19 points, SB XXV by 1 point, lost SB XXXV by 27 points and won SB XLII by 3 points.
    13- Three- LT, Harry Carson and Jon Elway
    14- it’s possible because the ball used in the first four Super Bowls and since 2006 is called “The Duke” after Wellington Mara.
    15- Phil Simms in SB XXI
    16- 86 Giants were the #1 seed, 1990 Giants were the #2 seed, 2000 Giants were #1 seed, 2007 Giants were a #5 seed and the current Giants are a #4 seed.
    17- He broke his foot, ironically agains the Bills in Week 15 of the regular season.
    18- Phil Simms ran three times for 25 yards in Super Bowl XXI. Eli has a total of 4 yards, so the record is probably safe today.
    19- Mark Bavaro had 51 yards in SB XXI and 50 in SB XXV for a total of 101. Of the Giants who caught a pass in SB XLII, only Ahmad Bradshaw is still on the team and he had one catch for three yards.
    20- The Rams and Cardinals (the Lions and Browns have not made a Super Bowl yet)
    21- $600,000 this year a 30-second spot costs $3.5 million!

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