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Lot’s of interesting quotes and slants out there after the Super Bowl.  Let’s take a look at some of the insanity.

Start with Giselle who decided to make some very stupid comments about the Patriots receivers.  I’m sure Tom Brady is not thrilled with that video.  It’s also a tough critique.  Sure, the receivers dropped a few, but you could argue that the two biggest drops were more Brady’s fault than his receivers.  Welker was open, but the pass was thrown over his head and he had to try and twist and catch it.  Not so easy to do.  The pass to Branch with 57 seconds left was thrown behind him.  In addition, Kenny Phillips jumped up and blocked Branch’s view of the ball.

I also don’t get this idea that Belichick and Tom Brady’s legacies are tarnished by this loss.  Start with Bill.  The guy has been a coach in seven Super Bowls and he has five rings.  That’s immortal by any standard and the fact that he lost two of the games doesn’t change that.  As for Brady, he is now 3-2 in the Super Bowl.  Brady is tied with John Elway for the most Super Bowl starts. The problem for Brady is he won the first three and lost the last two unlike Elway who lost the first three and won the last two.  Still, five Super Bowls is a pretty amazing accomplishment and while Brady will be 35 this offseason he certainly could win a fourth ring before his career ends.

I mentioned this one last night, but it keeps coming up so I will mention it again.  You can’t go crazy about Bradshaw scoring that touchdown.  If he falls down at the 1, the Patriots call time out.  The Giants then run one more play and assuming they don’t get in, they kick a field goal with approximately 25 seconds left.   Can you assume the field goal is made?  It’s certainly a high percentage kick, but remember this?  But, the field goal also only puts the Giants up by 1.  New England gets the ball back with 20 seconds or so and no timeouts, but they are in a dome and you figure they probably can attempt a kick from anywhere inside the Giants 40.  We all remember “Wide Right” but I will take my chances with the 4-point lead.

Some have criticized the Giants decision to go for two, but that was absolutely the right play.  They had a four point lead and there was a minute left in the game.  If you make the two-point conversion, you give yourself a chance for overtime if the Patriots score a touchdown and you can block the extra point.  It’s not a very likely outcome, but it is a higher percentage bet than the idea that in the final minute of the game the Patriots would score a touchdown and leave the Giants enough time to kick a field goal.

Finally, here’s a story about a guy who won $50,000 on a bet in Vegas that the first score of the Super Bowl would be a safety.  I don’t know which part of the story surprises me more.  The fact that a guy put $1,000 on that bet or the fact that it only pays 50-1?  I know it has happened before in the Super Bowl, but a safety as the first score seems worthy of much higher odds to me.


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  • Mitchell  On February 7, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    A completely random and personal comment:

    I think that in order to distinguish between the Tyree and Manningham receptions, I will refer to Tyree’s as The Catch and Manningham’s as The Pass. Having looked at both of those events numerous time: Manning aboslutely laid that ball into Mario’s hands perfectly.

    • nysportsfanatic  On February 7, 2012 at 5:17 pm

      You are absolutely right about that, well named.

      The thing that really struck me by watching that play a few more times is that it happened exactly, I mean exactly in front of Belichick. Manningham falls to the ground right in front of him. Belichick was actually closer than the ref who called it a catch. I wonder if he thought he saw something, but it did make me wonder why he challenged it.

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