Parade Time

The Giants are being feted up the Canyon of Heroes today.  (Question, why does everyone say they parade “down” the Canyon of Heroes when they actually head uptown?) Parades in New York have a long history, but sports teams haven’t always take a part in them.  Along those lines, I will give you two more trivia questions.

1- What was the first NY sports team to earn a parade through the Canyon of Heroes?

2- What is the only team to earn a parade without actually winning anything?

As for the parade itself, there were a few moments that stuck out to me.

First, like I said the other day, the players love Coughlin.  You could see the way they hugged and embraced him that there was genuine affection between most of the players and the coach.  And perhaps the biggest hug of all came from an ex-player, Michael Strahan.

It’s always annoying to see the politicians attempt to use these events to boost their own careers.  Props to the Giants crowd for booing John Liu despite the fact that he was dressed in a big Giants jacket.  Liu appears to have done some pretty shady things and he has been less than forthcoming during the investigation.

This stat surprised me and shows you how brutal a game football is.  Of the 44 players who started Super Bowl XLII for the Giants and Patriots, only 13 remained starters in Super Bowl XLVI.

Very nice to see Ann Mara up there.  The woman is a champ.

I was disappointed that Jerry Reese didn’t get to talk.  Of all the people associated with the Giants, Reese probably took the biggest beating in the press before the season started.  He was branded an idiot for letting Steve Smith and Kevin Boss go while cutting guys like O’Hara and Seubert.  Well Boss and Smith combined for 39 catches this season while guys Reese brought in to replace them like Cruz and Ballard caught 120 between them.  A lot of the credit for this Super Bowl and the last one belongs to Reese and Giants fans should thank him.

It was great to see Strahan be part of the festivities, but how about a player from the championship clubs in the 80’s/90’s?  Bob Pappa handled announcing duties today, where was his radio partner, Carl Banks?  Or how about Harry Carson, George Martin or Phil Simms?  It would have been nice to have that link to the past as part of the ceremony.

Steve Weatherford jumped off the float and started playing one of the drums.  If you have seen this guy interviewed, you can tell he is a character.  I imagine he will be heading to a broadcast booth when his career ends.

All in all it was a great celebration of the Super Bowl and an amazing season to watch.

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