Inside the NFL

I watched the latest episode of Inside the NFL last night and it is a very good look at the Super Bowl.  The had mikes on Tom Brady, Vince Wilfork and Victor Cruz. They capture some great quotes from them and they also have some very good ones they got with their sideline mikes.  Some of the best were.

The ref talking to the TV guys on the field who call the timeouts and telling them, “My nine-year old is watching at home and if this thing goes much past 9:30 grandma’s not going to let her stay up.”

Tom Brady going into the huddle as the Patriots started the drive where he and Welker didn’t connect and saying, “How about a seven minute drive that ends in a touchdown?”

Bill Belichick telling his defense when the Giants got the ball back with three-plus minutes left in the game, “This is still about Cruz and Nicks.  Make them go to Manningham and Pascoe.”

Tom Brady saying that that the Patriots are only going to get the ball back with 10 seconds left and being told by a coach on the sidelines “We are going to let them score here.”  You subsequently see the defense huddling and the call in the huddle is “Let them score”.  Then they cut to Eli handing the ball off to Bradshaw and you can read his lips- “DON’T SCORE”

Tom Coughlin was interviewed and said that he did not give Ahmad Bradshaw an instruction NOT to score.  Coughlin also said he was at the office this week grading players and evaluating the team.  (Shouldn’t he be heading to a beach for a few weeks?)

All in all, it’s a good program to check out.




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  • Mitchell  On February 14, 2012 at 5:54 pm

    Finally had a chance to watch it Peter. Great stuff !!!

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