Aiming For Nash?

A move made and a move not made today show the Rangers are probably going to take a run at Rick Nash.  First, the Rangers got Florida to give them a third round pick for Wolten Wolski, a guy rotting on their bench.  Dropping Wolski gets the Rangers more cap space.

Next, the Rangers did not request reentry waivers on Sean Avery.  I don’t understand why they would have, but doing so would have cost them over $200k if a team had claimed him.  (I get the idea that Avery has been a good soldier and gone to Hartford without much complaining, but he isn’t working there for free.  He gets $4 million this season, split between Dallas and New York for playing in the minors.  If he doesn’t like it, the NHLPA should let him tear up his contract and sign as a free agent somewhere, but those are the stupid waiver rules that exist in the minors.  Look at Wade Redden who will earn $10+ million in the minors over the  next 2+ seasons in the AHL for more evidence of the stupidity of this process.)

Now, they could be making these moves to free up cap space for something else, but Larry Brooks just tweeted that Tim Erixon is in play with Columbus.  It seems we know where Glen Sather’s focus is.  If he pulls the trigger, he had better be right on this move.

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