Sour Nash

Rick Nash is a wonderful player, but he is also completely wrong for this New York Rangers team. Nash can certainly put the puck in the net, something these Rangers are not overly adept at, but acquiring him would present a number of problems.

First and foremost, Nash is going to cost a lot in terms of talent. You can never tell exactly what another club wants, but it seems fair to say that Columbus would want at minimum Brandon Dubinsky, a couple of draft picks and probably someone like Ryan McDonagh. While I have no problem trading future picks right now, I really worry about the Rangers trading current players.  Sure, Dube is having an off year offensively, but that neglects his heart and presence on this club. Add in McDonagh, possibly one of the best young defensemen in the league and I think the cost in players is too great.

That doesn’t even address the problem of Nash’s salary. As great as he is, his contract is ugly. Nash is going to earn almost $8-million a year through the 2017-18 season. Nash is 28, in his prime now, but how will he play over the next six-plus seasons?

The Rangers are in a tough spot this trade deadline.  They have an eight-point lead in their division and a seven-point lead in the conference.  They are clearly positioned for a deep run into the playoffs.  But, they could use some additions.  Nash would be great for their offense, but they could also find some lower-cost guys who might be great fits as well. It’s worth remembering that the guys the 1993-94 Rangers brought in were more role players than superstars. Nash is a superstar, will bringing him in upset the great balance this team has created?

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