“And This One Will Last A Lifetime”

If you are a Rangers fan who was around in 1994, you remember that breathless pronouncement from Sam Rosen after they won the Stanley Cup. For awhile after that magical June night, those words seemed to capture the way Rangers’ fans approached the club. We had seen something we had never thought possible happen so we just wanted to see the team go out and compete regularly.

For the first few years after that cup victory, the Rangers did just that. They made the playoffs and won at least one round before bowing out. They weren’t the best team in the league, but they were in the upper tier and they kept you entertained.  But all of that changed with the 1997-98 club.  That was the first club to miss the playoffs since the 1992-93 edition and it kicked off a streak of eight-staight seasons without a playoff appearance.  Somewhere in the depths of that misery, the equation for Rangers fans changed, 1994 wouldn’t last us.  As greedy as it may sound to Cubs and Browns fans, we wanted to see the Rangers win it all again.

And this year, you have to think the Rangers have as good a chance as anyone in the Eastern Conference to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals. They have the best record in conference and more importantly, they have the key ingredient to a playoff run- a great goalie. In 1994 the Rangers fortified a great team with some very smart additions at the trade deadline.  They added key depth like Craig MacTavish, Glenn Anderson and the “immortal” Stephen Matteau.

So, I was surprised today that New York basically did nothing today.  Sure, they added a defenseman who can drop the gloves, but that seems to be more a case of making a move to make a move.  The Rangers had some needs they could have filled today.  A scorer would have been a big boost, either at defense or forward.  Someone who could win some faceoffs and a defenseman who could move the puck would have been great adds.

But, the Rangers didn’t do any of that.  Maybe Chris Kreider will come over from BC and provide some scoring punch. Other than that, it’s hard to see what moves the Rangers can make now to improve things.  Maybe Wade Redden can suddenly turn back the clock to 2003 and give the Rangers the defenseman they need. (I’m joking people)  But it seems that the team that has led the Eastern Conference in points so far will stay the same for the rest of the season.  The question is, will it be enough to win it all?


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  • blmeanie  On February 28, 2012 at 9:55 am

    lots of teams add the wrong pieces too, sometimes it is best to not tinker with success. If you have a hot goalie, lots of other things don’t matter…

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