Football On A Wednesday?

The NFL has announced that the Giants will open the NFL season with a game against an undetermined opponent Wednesday, September 5th.  The reason they aren’t choosing to start on Thursday is that the Democratic National Convention runs that week and Thursday night will be President Obama’s speech.  (Side note, in 2008 the same conflict occurred with the Republican National Convention and the NFL moved the Giants opener to 7pm to try and avoid a conflict with Senator McCain’s speech.)

I’m all for moving the game so people can watch the speech. I should probably note here that politically I have voted for Republican, Democrats and would classify myself as someone who is not a fan of either political party. Whatever you think of all the BS that surrounds these elections, the two speeches worth watching are the acceptance speeches by the candidates and a lot of football fans wouldn’t be watching if the game was on Thursday. That being said, why not move the game to Friday? Wednesday is an awful night to do something compared to Friday and the convention will be running on Wednesday.  In fact, that is the traditional night for the Vice Presidential candidate to address the convention, so maybe we should conclude that the NFL doesn’t like Joe Biden?

If the NFL scheduled the game on Friday they would give the majority of the fans attending the game the opportunity to have the day off the following day.  They would still be able to legitimately call it “Opening Weekend”, something that will look dumber than usual now. There shouldn’t be any problems with turning things around if the Jets happen to have their opener scheduled for Sunday because, so I don’t really get why they picked Wednesday. It’s been 60+ years since the NFL last played on Wednesday, maybe that’s the reason?

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  • blmeanie  On February 29, 2012 at 7:51 am

    the NFL, in my opinion, needs to be careful with the spreading out of the games. An occasional Thursday night game after the college games wind down is cool. Obviously Monday is historic. Spreading out further actually could dilute one of the factors that make the NFL game watching what it is. Having all but one game (usually) on a single day of the week makes for an excitement level and anticipation level that the other major sports cannot touch.

    As for the convention. Seriously? I think the Democrats should now be reviewing dates to try to move away from the NFL conflict, not the other way around…


  • By Scheduling « nysportsfanatic on April 17, 2012 at 7:52 pm

    […] No surprises in Week1, we already knew the Giants would face the Cowboys on a Wednesday night! […]

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