Stop Talking

I am not one of the many who sanctify the memory of George Steinbrenner.  He did some good things, he did some bad things.  I didn’t like his methods, but I never questioned his desire to win.  Personally, I like Hal Steinbrenner’s approach to running things better than George’s, so I am quite content with the current Yankee ownership.

Contrast that with the mess that has become of the New York Mets. Fred Wilpon is either oblivious or he just doesn’t care anymore.  How else can you explain the quotes he gave yesterday?  His team cut payroll from $140 million to $90 million this offseason, yet Wilpon suggests that the cuts were not financially motivated.  He complains about overpaid and underperforming assets, but who exactly authorized the Mets to make those expenditures?

One thing he did get right was his statement that “fans are not going to come back because they love Citi Field.”  It’s a nice park, I enjoyed my time there, but it is not an iconic ballpark.  Fans will go, but they will only go if the team is good. The Mets attendance was down over 2,000 fans per game last season from 2010.  

And it’s not just the product, the team has made some stupid moves.  Take the move from Shea to Citi Field.  The Mets took away the playoff rights of their weekend plan holders. When the team played in Shea, each weekend plan holder was given the opportunity to purchase tickets to one game of each playoff series the Mets were in.  When they moved to Citi Field, that was taken away and weekend plans were expanded to add week day games.  Guess what happened?  The weekend plan holders cancelled in droves and now lo and behold, the playoff rights have been added back to those plans.  

The other problem this year is that the team has decided to offer seats with dynamic pricing. Anyone who has ever gone on Stub Hub knows why they are doing this, but the problem here is that why would you commit to a season ticket plan when you know ticket prices could go down?  Now sure, you are taking a risk that the Mets suddenly get good and prices go up, but knowing what you know about the team, how big a risk is that really?  So, you could shell out big bucks for a ticket plan now, or you could just wait and pick and choose the games you want to go to knowing that there is a decent chance those tickets will cost you less down the road than they do now. 

So instead of flapping his gums about the payroll, chartering helicopters to the Heat-Knicks game and handing out “underdog” t-shirts that upset your star player, maybe Jeff Wilpon should just keep quiet. I don’t think Mets fans would mind that at all. 

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