Forcing It

Jeers to MLB for forcing the new wild card playoff round on us this year.  By doing so, they have changed the format of the divisional series from a 2-2-1 to a 2-3.  Now, the lower-seeded team will open up at home, while the higher seed will have to wait until Game 3 for a home game.  Things will revert back to normal in 2013.

The reason for this change is of course money. By expanding the playoffs, the owners get more money. I have nothing against the idea of expanding the playoffs, in fact I think it restores the integrity of winning the division.   But the idea was floated after the 2012 schedule had been developed. That meant MLB had a choice of either shoehorning the expanded playoffs into the schedule for 2012, or waiting until 2013 when they could be planned properly. It’s not a surprise that they didn’t wait.

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