A Fine Mess

Ah Carmelo, now you have really done it.  Trust me, the grumbles about you were already getting loud before today, probably because the team is 2-8 since you returned from injury, but now they are going to get very loud. You may not have formally asked for it, but the story that you want a trade is going to damage your reputation in this city for a long, long time.

See the thing is, most basketball fans while excited that you became a Knick were perturbed by how you did it. You could have taken the Amar’e route and come to New York after the 2010-11 season as a free agent. That way the Knicks could have kept some pretty solid role players like Raymond Felton and Danilo. Instead, you forced the Knicks hand because you didn’t want to lose the chance to sign a bigger contract extension. That’s fine, that’s business, but you damaged the Knicks by doing it that way. It’s probably worth noting that as much as everyone knocks LeBron for “The Decision” he also made a decision to take less money so Miami could sign Chris Bosh. Your decision Carmelo, meant that the Knicks would have to fashion a team out of spare parts and luck, but you would have to make it work.

And lo and behold, the Knicks got lucky. They got lucky that Tyson Chandler was suddenly available and gave them exactly what they needed. They got lucky drafting Iman Shumpert, who looks like he could become a pretty solid player at both ends of the court. And of course they got really lucky when they pulled Jeremy Lin off the scrap heap. Now, the Linsanity has cooled, but after 28 games I think it is fair to say that the Knicks have found at minimum a decent starting point guard. This guy is going to stick as a starting point guard.

But, since your return to the lineup, things haven’t been working. Part of it is that the Knicks are playing tougher opponents, but the big part is that your game and Lin’s game don’t mesh. Lin is a drive and dish type player. You are a take the ball and create something yourself player. You are both very good at your respective styles, but it doesn’t look like you both can co-exist on the same team.

Now if the Knicks could do a trade that centered around Dwight Howard for Carmelo, as suggested here, I would do it in a second. But, I’m pretty doubtful that that would happen. So, I suspect the trade deadline will come and go tomorrow with Carmelo still a Knick and MSG in full damage control mode. For the fans, I should point out that May 10th will mark the 39th anniversary of the Knicks last championship. Anyone care to bet we won’t be “celebrating” 40 years without a title in 2013?


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  • blmeanie  On March 14, 2012 at 11:08 am

    I sat watching the “get Carmelo” movement last year with amusement. The anti-NY thing with me has long ago been established. By getting Carmelo, it almost certainly guaranteed NY Knick fans would go a long while without being a serious contender. You see, Carmeloish players (insert Iverson, Gervin, ‘Nique, McAdoo etc.) aren’t perennial winners for a reason. Their styles are ME first and aren’t playoff-win-at-all-cost based. These type of players can compete. Their teams can occasionally reach deep into the playoffs or a finals appearance. They may even win a championship. Usually that would be later in their careers as they begin to accept diminished roles (see McAdoo) and try for a ring.

    Asking for a trade is going to get him some attention in the Garden for sure. Fun times indeed.

  • nysportsfanatic  On March 14, 2012 at 12:19 pm

    BL- When people are dying of thirst they will drink the sand.

  • blmeanie  On March 14, 2012 at 1:22 pm

    love that

    how about “when junkies are desperate, any needle will do”

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