You Can’t Fire The Players…

That’s the old adage and that is exactly what the Knicks did today. And make no mistake, this was a firing.  The Garden is calling it a resignation, but remember this is the same place that Jeff Van Gundy “resigned” from, not to mention Lenny Wilkens. I don’t know why they like to pretend these guys resign, but they do.

The thing is, it isn’t the worst idea in the world. I still don’t think D’Antoni’s seven-second offense can turn a team into a NBA champion. Sure, if you have Steve Nash, you might win 60 games with it, but you need to be able to play some defense when you get to the playoffs. And in the Eastern Conference when you have Wade and LeBron waiting for you, you really need to play some defense.

But what this move clearly is is a last attempt to placate Carmelo Anthony. Anthony gets rid of a coach he didn’t like. A coach who apparently tried to get him traded. I think this is the equivalent of giving Carmelo the ball and saying go score. We know Jim Dolan won’t accept the blame for the Knicks, so the pressure is now on Anthony to deliver at least a playoff spot. If not, I suspect we will see him traded this offseason.

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