Boom Goes The Dynamite!

It took a bit longer than usual, but that was my bracket you heard blowing up tonight.  Michigan State and Wisconsin went down as my faith in the Big-10 cost me big time.

I watched more of the Wisconsin-Syracuse game than the MSU-L’ville one, so I can only talk about that. Wisconsin had the worst last possession I have seen in a long time in basketball. Down by 1, with the ball, 18 seconds or so left and all you get is a 25-foot shot and a desperation heave? Ugly, ugly, ugly….

I will continue to watch and I have decided to go “all in” for my favorite conference, the Big East.  My team (St. John’s) may not be there, but I can root for the league. After all, before tonight is over they may have 3/8th’s of the Elite Eight (Syracuse doesn’t count as they are traitors and should never be spoken of again. Got it?)

With MSU out, I think Kentucky walks into the final game.  The question is the other side. The likely matchup or UNC-KU should be an amazing game.

Sadly, the Madness is down to only 11+ games. Catch it while you can.

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  • blmeanie  On March 24, 2012 at 6:59 am

    I still had a shot until last night. It was a long shot but I needed NC State to continue on (I had them in the final) and getting Ohio to beat UNC would have done wonders for me by knocking down UNC before NC State would have had to beat them but alas…what’s weird is in a couple pools I’m in the leaders are those that took all 1’s or all 1’s and 2’s throughout yet with the upsets I’m surprised they still are leading. I guess the wrong teams took out the favorites along the way.

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