Witch Hunt

Jeremy Shockey was one of the hardest players to figure out. He was a lot of fun to watch between the hashmarks, but a nightmare outside of them. He would make a great catch and have no problem showing up his QB or other teammates when things didn’t go his way.  His exit from the Giants was ugly, not Tiki Barber ugly, but ugly.

That being said, he deserves better than what is happening to him now. For those of you who missed it, Warren Sapp took to Twitter yesterday and accused Shockey of being the guy who snitched to the league about the Saints.

I have no idea if Shockey did or didn’t do it, nor do I really care, but plenty of players and coaches around the league will.  Whoever snitched on Shockey should have the guts to come forward and make his accusations public and provide evidence to support them.  Until then, let’s stop hunting for a “culprit”.  After all, should’t we applaud the person who brought this issue to light?

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