It’s A Miracle!

Sunday was an interesting day.

There was a street fair down the block from me and one of the main attractions was a huge truck with a Nets logo and the slogan of “Hello Brooklyn”.  Attached to the side was a hoop and if you hit a free throw, you got a free t-shitrt.

With the Knicks playing Game 4 against the Heat, I couldn’t in good conscience attempt the free throw.  But even if I had overcome my guilt, the line was looooong.  The Nets are in Brooklyn and they appear to be challenging the Knicks reign over NYC.

I watched the game while attending a family party, which allowed me to tell my sixteen year-old nephew that a Knicks win would be their first playoff win since he was five.  (Yes, I understand how pathetic that is)

Yet, they won.  They didn’t collapse, despite my dire predictions and they live to fight another day.  No, I don’t think they have a chance in Hell to win this series, but they have take a small, almost insignificant, step towards respectability.

How sad is a team that charges $75 for a halfway-decent seat has instilled such low expectations in their fan base?

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  • blmeanie  On May 7, 2012 at 11:54 am

    you should have taken the shot…

    I was in a sports bar with my family when the game was in the 4th quarter. I was fascinated when they kept taking the lead and then when I saw Bibby hit that 3 from the corner I almost needed the Heimlich maneuver to get that chicken wing dislodged from my throat…

    What IS sad is how pathetic Lebron is. The dude is, by far, the most talented current player that is in his prime. He has a pretty good (although I don’t like him) sidekick in Wade. Oh yeah, they have a third wonder-twin that can play too. They should not lose. Ever.

    So my point about not liking Wade – here is a question for you. If you are a basketball fan, and Dwayne Wade (insert Carmelo if you want) is your primary talent on the team, do you love them and root for them as players or only because it is your team?

    I did not follow and root as hard for the Celtics during the down time with Antoine Walker (sure Pierce was there but it was Walker’s team). Same before Bird when Marvin Bad News Barnes was on the scene and before Bird and Cowens slapped Tiny around to get his bad habits shaken off.

    There is rooting for a team, and there is embracing its players and ROOTING for a team. If Dwayne Wade were my team’s superstar I’d struggle with it. Not a likeable guy to me. Iverson, Carmelo, Isiah, and others fit the same bill for me. I respect their talents but would not be proud to call them my superstar.

    rant over

  • nysportsfanatic  On May 7, 2012 at 12:21 pm

    I root for them only because it is my team. I don’t like Carmelo, I don’t have much love for Amar’e. I think “Linsanity” came about partly because most fans in NY were looking for someone to like on that team. To be honest, I haven’t really “liked” anyone playing for the Knicks since Oakley- I loved that guy.

    You make a great point. My love of the Yankees is not going to die, but I have to admit feeling different about them this weekend with Mariano on the DL. To me Mariano is the bomb and knowing that he won’t be pitching diminishes things for me.

    And you didn’t ask, but you made me think about this. My favorite player on each of “my” teams.

    Yankees- Mo
    Giants- Jake Ballard
    Rangers- Ryan Callahan
    Knicks- Landry Fields

    All time
    Yankees- Graig Nettles/Don Mattingly
    Giants- LT
    Rangers- Brian Leetch
    Knicks- Oakley

  • blmeanie  On May 7, 2012 at 12:59 pm

    I know the title of the blog has NY in it, but here goes mine:

    RedSox- Jacoby Ellsbury (eye opener, not lovin’ or embracing many players right now)
    Patriots – Tom Brady
    Bruins – Brad Marchand
    Celtics – Ray Allen

    RedSox – Fred Lynn
    Patriots – Russ Francis
    Bruins – Cam Neely
    Celtics – Larry Bird

    • blmeanie  On May 7, 2012 at 1:31 pm

      I gave this task to two die-hards I have here at work with me in Atlanta (from Boston),
      here is one’s response, great question:

      RedSox: Dustin Pedroia
      Patriots: Aaron Hernandez
      Bruins: Tim Thomas
      Celtics: Paul Pierce

      RedSox: Yaz
      Patriots: Jim Plunkett
      Bruins: Gerry Cheevers
      Celtics: JoJo White

      • blmeanie  On May 7, 2012 at 1:37 pm

        here is die hard #2’s response:

        RedSox: Pedroia
        Patriots: Brady
        Bruins: Marchand/Lucic
        Celtics: Garnett

        RedSox: Pedro
        Patriots: Troy Brown/Tom Brady
        Bruins: Neely/O’Reilley
        Celtics: Bird

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