39 Years

Well the Knicks ended their season last night and today is the 39th anniversary of their last championship.  What I hope this series made clear to the decision makers at MSG is that the Knicks, as presently constructed, are not going to win a title.

What I fear is that management will fallback on the injury excuse to explain this loss.  Something along the lines of…”if we had a healthy Lin, Shumpert and Davis, plus Amar’e in Game 3, we would’ve won.”  Anyone who knows basketball knows that simply isn’t the case.

Here’s the brutal truth: Carmelo+Amar’e+Lin<their respective talents.  These three players do not work well together.  The combo of Carmelo and Amar’e gives you two guys who need the ball, but do nothing on the defensive end. The Lin and Carmelo combo doesn’t work because Carmelo needs the ball at the beginning of an offensive set and isn’t good at waiting for it. The only combo that works is Lin and Amar’e because their talents work together.

What the Knicks have to decide this offseason is what formation to build around.  The could decide to build around Amar’e and Lin, which means they trade Anthony.  They could decide to build around Anthony and Chandler which means they trade Amar’e and Lin.  What they can’t do is presume that a healthy roster gets them a title. The Knicks are right up against the salary cap and they don’t have a first round pick in the upcoming draft.  The only way to make this team better is to make some trades.

So who do you pick?  Carmelo and Chandler or Anthony and Lin?

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  • blmeanie  On May 10, 2012 at 7:17 pm

    I only saw one play of the game last night and it was the play where Amare drove from the right corner and jammed it. I was surprised to hear this morning that Carmelo took 31 shots and Amare only 7…found the problem

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