Cheap Shot

I’m not sure what Mike Rupp was thinking tonight, but I was disgusted by his swing at Martin Brodeur.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no love for the Devils and I hold a special enmity for Martin Brodeur, but Rupp’s play was a cheap shot and nothing more. I don’t expect the Rangers to win every game or even compete in every game, but I do expect them to be honorable. Rupp’s play was a dishonorable moment from a player who hasn’t shown that tendency in a Ranger’s uniform.

I also have to question Torts’ coaching in this one.  I understand that Del Zotto made some bad plays in the first period and cost the Rangers on the scoreboard, but he has been one of their best defensemen all year. Plus, with Prust out, the Rangers moved Bickel to forward and dressed Emminger on defense, leaving them exposed.  Yet, Torts nailed Del Zotto to the bench for most of the second and the third period tonight, despite being behind on the scoreboard.

That strikes me as stupid. He was quoted in the papers earlier this week saying that this “wasn’t the time” to teach Chris Kreider about defense. So, why is this the time to teach Del Zotto?  Michael is a wonderful offensive player and a somewhat suspect one on defense.  That scouting report is not a surprise to any Rangers’ fan, so why is it one to the coach?


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