Quiet Start

I’m somewhat surprised that Zach Parise is still a free agent. Usually, 2-1/2 days into free agency things have mostly settled.  But in both basketball and hockey a lot of sports types are using the word “fluid” to describe the situation.

One team that may be on the verge of making a big splash is the Brooklyn Nets.  They have reportedly traded for Joe Johnson. And if you believe the tabloids, they are hot on the trail of Dwight Howard.

I’m not sure what to make of Howard.  He is obviously an amazing basketball talent, but his off the court machinations with Van Gundy and the Magic really make you wonder where his head is. But, it is undeniable that a trio of Johnson, Williams and Howard would make the Nets a very dangerous team in the Eastern Conference.  And it would certainly put plenty of fannies in the seats at the new Barclays Center.

It’s weird, but I sort of feel like I am living in an occupied territory now in Brooklyn.  New York has always been a one-team basketball town, but as I walk around my neighborhood signs that the Nets are coming are everywhere.  I especially like the one in my local pizzeria that has the Nets logo and says “Brooklyn’s first home game since 1957”. I am really curious to see what happens when the games actually start being played.  Will the local bar strip the Knicks off of its TV’s?  More importantly, will I watch? We’ll see what happens in October.

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