Match Them Both

The Knicks are widely expected to match the Rockets’ offer to Jeremy Lin when it is officially signed today.  They are not expected to match the Raptors’ offer to Landry Fields however, and that is a mistake.

Normally, matching a $20-million offer for a guard who regressed seriously in his sophomore season is not a smart business decision, but the Knicks left smart in the dust a long time ago.  Since the start of the offseason, the Knicks have given $15 million to Steve Novak and three-year deals to Marcus Camby and Jason Kidd. In the Camby deal, they traded away most of their remaining youthful assets- Harrelson, Jordan, Douglas and two second-round picks. They also brought back J.R. Smith.

So, between all of those moves, the Knicks are going to be well over the salary cap for the next three seasons. Once again, they have pushed all their chips into the center of the table and gone all in. There is no plan B.  There is also no shooting guard, unless you count Smith.  So, why not just match the deal for Fields and bring him back?  Sure he is flawed, but he knows the system, plays very well with Lin and his contract will expire after the 2014-15 season.  That also happens to be the next chance the Knicks will have to be under the salary cap.

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