Stopping The Linsanity

It’s official, Jeremy Lin is a Houston Rocket.  It’s amazing how much incorrect information has been spewed over this move, so let’s do some myth busting.

Myth 1: The Knicks could have prevented this from happening by making Lin an offer instead of letting him shop around for a deal.

Reality- not exactly.

The Knicks could only offer Lin a three-year deal worth $16.13 million or a five-year worth $28.75.  Now that is nothing to sneeze at, but remember Lin is going to be paid $25.1 million over three years in Houston now.

Myth 2: The Knicks didn’t want Lin.

Reality- not exactly

The Knicks were going to match Houston’s ORIGINAL offer.  Remember, the Rockets changed the offer.  Originally, it was a three-year deal worth $19.5 million.  Houston decided to up that offer to $25.1 million before presenting the deal to the Knicks.  Because of the way the luxury tax works, the Knicks would have been paying an enormous amount if they matched that deal.

Myth 3- Lin wanted to stay in NY.

Reality- well why did he sign with Houston then?

If Lin had wanted to stay a Knick, he could have gone to them and asked for the max deal they could offer, $16.13 million.  I don’t blame him for not doing that, but he certainly had to know that letting Houston revise their original offer would put the Knicks in a huge bind.  So, why do it if he wanted to stay?

Lin was a great story in New York, but he was also a tremendously risky one.  I don’t think anyone truly knows if he will be worth this deal or not, but I don’t think the Knicks were in a position to gamble on him.

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