That Was Bad

Two things became pretty obvious as you watched the Giants play last night.

1- They still can’t run the ball.

2- They still stink at returning kicks.

The stats say the Giants ran the ball 19 times for 82 yards, a respectable average of 4.32.  But, that includes Bradshaw’s 33-yard scamper.  Subtract that one play and the Giants’ average drops to 2.72.  Subtract the 10-yard touchdown run he had and you have 17 rushes for 39 yards- an average of 2.29 per carry.

I’m not sure if this is a fatal flaw, after all they won the Super Bowl last year with the worst rushing game in the league.  But, it led to the Cowboys dropping more guys into coverage and the Giants had a tough night passing the ball as well.  It wouldn’t shock me to see the Giants give the ball to Hynoski a few times just to see if he can pound out a few yards.

The Giants have spent a lot of draft picks in recent years on guys who are supposed to be good at returning kicks, but it hasn’t paid off.  The Giants returned only one kickoff more than 20 yards and they had a mere five yards on the only punt they tried to return. The worst part was they tried to return three kicks from their own end zone and ended up past the 20 on only one of them.  Take a knee fellas!  It’s impossible to see on TV if the problem is the blocking, the returners or both, but the Giants need to figure this out because it is a problem that has been around for awhile.

So, it’s not the start we wanted but Tampa is up next.  That’s a game they better win.

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