This Will Be Fun

I’ve never liked Washington’s football team.  As a Giants fan who came of age in the 80’s, they were the biggest rival inside of the division.  The Cowboys were mediocre and the Eagles a paper tiger.  The division went through Washington. But, Joe Gibbs retired and Washington fell apart.  They went to the playoffs three times in the next 20 seasons as Dan Snyder did a great impression of George Steinbrenner from 1982-1990.  

That’s over now because the R—– (I won’t say the name) have acquired two weapons which could transform the franchise for the rest of the decade.  Every NFL fan know about RG3.  The guy is the real deal, but he obscures the bigger revelation in Washington- Alfred Morris. Morris is probably going to cross the 1,000 yard mark tonight, not bad for a sixth-round pick out of Florida Atlantic. With a QB like RG3 and a RB like Morris, Washington will be a threat every time they have the ball.  If they learn to play defense, so far their weakness, look out NFC East.

October 27, 1986 will always be famous in New York for baseball, but for me it was an amazing Monday Night Football game between the Giants and Washington that came down to Joe Morris running for almost 200 yards. The win pulled the Giants into a first place tie and they didn’t look back from there.  I don’t know what will happen tonight, but I bet we get an offensive show.  I just hope the Giants have enough punch to counter RG3. 

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  • blmeanie  On December 3, 2012 at 10:48 am

    go Skins! Bunch up the teams with 4 weeks to go. Only Philly out of it, would make for a great pennant stretch (can you use that term in football?).

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