Here’s The Thing

Don’t get me wrong, I am ecstatic over the Knicks win in Miami last night.  They didn’t just beat the Heat, they destroyed them and did so without Carmelo.  The Knicks have now played 18 games and they are 14-4.

How have they done it?  With good defense.  With an obvious mismatch when Carmelo plays the 4 and other teams try to guard him. By taking care of the ball. But most importantly by moving the ball around and getting lots of good looks at the hoop. And that’s the thing.

The Knicks are moving the ball so well because they play with a smaller lineup than most teams. They have two point guards, Felton and Kidd playing in the starting lineup.  They have J.R. Smith averaging over 30 minutes a game.  What they don’t have is Amar’e and that’s my worry.

Sooner or later he is coming back to the lineup and I just don’t see how Amar’e helps this team.  He is a lousy defender who needs the ball.  He can’t play the 5 and he certainly can’t play the 3, so he will force Carmelo back to the 3. The offense will slow down and the defense will suffer. On the plus side, he will provide another scoring option and help on the boards. But will it all upset the balance that this team has created over the first 18 games?

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