The Yankees and The Giants

Since my regular blog is undergoing a renovation, I thought I would use this one to talk a bit about the Yankees a bit before launching into a harsh critique of the Giants.

If you had asked me to give one of the Yankees free agents a two-year deal this offseason, I would have chosen Russell Martin. Martin plays a position that is very hard to fill and he is only going to turn 30 in February. I would not have given a two-year deal to Ichiro. Yes, his overall Yankee numbers of .322/.340/.454 were very good.  But, the bulk of those were earned in the final few weeks of the season. He is 39 and he had a season and a half of mediocre performance prior to his trade to the Yankees. New York wanted to preserve 2014 payroll space, but they gave Ichiro $6.5 million of that space. For $2-million more they could have had Martin.

I simply cannot get upset about the Yankees letting Raul Ibanez go back to Seattle. Yes, Ibanez was great in the playoffs, but that doesn’t make me forget his .308 OBP in the regular season. He hit .208/.269/.365 on the road, so his overall numbers are a creation of Yankee Stadium. And the Yankees don’t need another lefty outfielder.

Looking at the roster, the Opening Day lineup is probably something like this: Ichiro, Jeter, Cano, Teixeira, Granderson, Youkilis, DH, Catcher, Gardner. With AJ Pierzynski headed to Texas, we can assume the catcher will be Stewart, Cervelli or Romine. One of that trio will be on the bench along with a backup outfielder, a backup infielder and one other player. I just don’t see Ibanez as a great fit in that configuration.


As for the Giants….

I never thought I would relive the humiliation of Super Bowl XXXV, but tonight’s game against the Ravens came very close. The defense was terrible, the offense inept and the entire team played a passionless game. The coaching staff and captains should be searching their souls this week to figure out what happened to a season that started 6-2 and  finished no better than 3-6. Unless a miracle occurs*, the Giants will miss the playoffs.  That also means that without hockey we will be down to basketball here in New York this time next Sunday. At least the Knicks are pretty good.

*Perhaps miracle is too strong a word, but the Giants will need to win next week and have three other teams lose.  The exact formula will depend on what Seattle does tonight, but it starts with a Cowboys loss because the Giants are finished if Dallas wins.

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  • blmeanie  On December 24, 2012 at 10:14 am

    Redskins Cowboys game should be a good one. Chicago and Minnesota both have to lose along with the Redskins winning. Vikings have Green Bay while Chicago is at Detroit. Detroit is a hot mess so good luck with all three happening.

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