Not In New York- UPDATED

Since 2003, either the Jets, the Giants or both teams had made the NFL playoffs each year. That streak comes to an end with the start of the playoffs today. Despite the lack of a local interest, I think there are some really good games to watch both days.  I also thought I would make some picks, though I advise you to ignore them and remind you that gambling is illegal except in Vegas.

Let’s start with Houston versus the Bengals. What happened to Houston? For the first seven games of the year they looked like the best team in football. They seemed a lock for a first-round bye, but since their bye in Week 7, they have been very, very beatable. They barely beat Jacksonville and Detroit and got slaughtered by New England. They did beat a good Indy team a few weeks ago, but losses to Minnesota and Indy in the final two games put them in this spot.

Week 10 taught this Giants fan to respect the Bengals and they finished the season on a roll, winning six-of-seven to get a wild card spot. So, you have a hot team facing a cold team which is the usual classic formula for an upset. But, I’m not buying it. The Bengals are 4.5-point dogs, but I’m picking Houston.

The Minnesota-Green Bay matchup looks familiar because it is a replay of the Week 17 game that Minnesota won in overtime. I’m surprised that Green Bay is a nine-point favorite in this game. True, that is the margin that they beat Minnesota at by home earlier this year, but since that game the Vikings haven’t lost.  I think the line is too generous, so I am taking the points and the Vikings.

I’ll be back with my Sunday picks tomorrow, enjoy the games.

UPDATE 7:20pm The Minnesota line surged to 10.5 points with the news that Ponder is out and Webb is in. Call me crazy, but I’m sticking with Minny and Joe Webb.

UPDATE 11:00pm Yup, I am crazy.

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  • blmeanie  On January 6, 2013 at 8:54 am

    webb thought he was playing Frisbee football I believe, saw a bunch of passes skipped off the dirt to his receivers.

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