What Exactly Happened?

Here’s what we know about the Carmelo Anthony-Kevin Garnett “incident” the other night. We know the two players were jawing at each other on the court. We know Anthony went outside the Celtics’ locker room to confront Kevin Garnett. We know that he was angry when he did. Finally, we know he went to the Celtics bus to talk to him, but was convinced by Mike Woodson to go home. What we don’t know is, why did he do any of this? I have a guess, Garnett said something pretty personal to Carmelo.

Garnett is very good at getting under the skin of his opponents. I imagine he tried a number of approaches with Carmelo until he found one that really worked. That’s the way the game works at its roots. When you are playing pickup games trash talk is a way of life. It’s not a necessarily pretty aspect of the game, but it is one that goes back a long way. Now, there are certain lines you don’t cross, but unless it is proved that Garnett crossed one, I don’t have a problem with what he did.

As for Carmelo. He has to show more control. This is the latest incident this year where he and a number of his teammates have shown a lack of cool under adversity. When the playoffs roll around the Knicks will face a lot of games like Monday Night’s. If they can’t keep their composure, their postseason will be a quick one.

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