The Barclays Center

I finally made it to the Barclays Center last night and came away with a mixed review of the place.

First things first, the arena is three subway stops from my house or a 20-minute walk. For me that’s really awesome.

The arena is setup in an interesting way. The upper deck is severely sloped to bring the seats closer to the action.  That’s fine, but management has decided to make the upper deck dark, I mean really dark without much light. The combination of darkness and cupholders on the backs of the seats in each row make me worry about someone taking a pretty big fall at some point. Barclays management should consider putting a bit more light in the upper deck.

Getting around the arena isn’t the easiest task, especially between levels.  I walked a considerable way around the arena and saw only one escalator between the upper and lower decks. There are elevators, but I found it surprising.

The food is great, just what you would expect from a modern arena. As an added bonus for me, five or so of my neighborhood favorites have recreated their businesses inside of the Barclays. A special shout out to Paisanos, my local butcher, and their tri-tip steak sandwich.

The crowd is an interesting mix of old-time Brooklyn, hipster Brooklyn and people who are just curious to see the new place. I saw a lot of Brooklyn jerseys, but I can’t say the crowd was into it. The Nets are being very smart and they have created a Brooklyn-centric experience. They will win over a lot of the borough, but it is going to take time. Last night there were more Knicks fans there than Nets fans, and the Knicks weren’t playing.  One note, putting David Price, Clinton Portis and some safety from the Colts on the Jumbotron won’t win over the crowd. You need either New York athletes or real New Yorkers for that. (Best moment was when Price was on the Jumbotron and the crowd booed him and started the Let’s Go Yankees chant)

I don’t think I will go back to the Barclays Center for a Nets game, I just don’t care about them enough to go. But, I am very excited to catch college basketball there and I will certainly try and attend when the Knicks and Rangers come calling.

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  • blmeanie  On January 19, 2013 at 7:24 pm

    the product on the court/rink has to be the incentive to go, if the best you have is that the food is great, not enough as you said. Bruins/Rangers tonight!

    • nysportsfanatic  On January 20, 2013 at 7:56 pm

      Well, I think you need to be a Nets fan and I am not and most people in Brooklyn aren’t either right now. But, if the Nets stay good they will start to win over casual fans.

      Didn’t watch a minute of hockey, I am boycotting the first few games.

    • nysportsfanatic  On January 21, 2013 at 12:21 pm

      Sorry about yesterday BL, that must have been a tough 1-2 to take. I really didn’t like any of the final four teams, but this Super Bowl matchup doesn’t excite me at all.

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