Falling Apart In The Stretch

As the Knicks reach the final 22 games of the season the news keeps getting worse. Rasheed Wallace is out for at least the regular season and now Amar’e is going to join him. Throw in an injury to Carmelo and you have to wonder how long the Knicks will be able to stay atop the Atlantic Division.

Amare’s loss is going to be a tough one to fill because he helped the Knicks much, much more than most of us thought he would. Sure, his defense was bad as usual, but he was incredibly efficient on offense, providing big points off the bench. His PER of 22 is second-highest on the team only to Carmelo. With Wallace out, Amar’e provided a big boost. Now the Knicks will have to figure out how to replace both of them.

Last night’s rotation may give us a bit of a clue. Kenyon Martin played 22 minutes and looked pretty good doing so. Martin comes with his own set of questions, but he is certainly a better choice at this point than starting Kurt Thomas. Marcus Camby got 14 minutes off the bench and if he can be effective a Martin-Camby combo could be good compliment to each other. One is an offensive player, the other a defensive one.

The ultimate problem is that all of the injuries to the Knicks’ depth will force them to rely more on their healthy players and a lot of those players are old. Somehow the Knicks need to win enough to win the division and thereby avoid the Heat for at least two rounds in the playoffs, but also avoid burning out their players in doing so. That’s a pretty tough needle to thread.

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  • blmeanie  On March 11, 2013 at 6:25 am

    Flawed team from the beginning (as most teams are)

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