How’s Your Bracket?

Surprisingly, I made it through the first weekend of March Madness still in contention. Every year we do a 50-50 bracket to raise money for JDRF, so I fill out three different brackets.  This year I made the following choices:

Bracket #1- Louisville winning it all over Indiana with Florida and Ohio State joining them in the Final Four. This one looks to be in very good shape. Ironically my two Final Four losing teams, Ohio State and Florida probably have the easier paths to the Final Four. Ohio State has to beat a #6 and then either a #9 or #13. Florida has a #15 seed, but then will face either a #1 or #4. Louisville faces a #12, but then has to face either a #2 or #3. Indiana’s bracket is the only one where the top-four seeds survived.

Bracket #2- Florida beating Ohio State for the title with Indiana and Louisville joining them in the Final Four. (See what I did there?) Based on the analysis above, this might be my best shot at winning.

Bracket #3- aka the troubled one- Duke beating, wait for it, Georgetown with Miami and Gonzaga joining them in the Final Four. Well yes, this one stinks, but it is one of only two in the entire pool with Duke as a champ. The other bracket is in better shape now, but I could still catch them.

I should also give a shout out to one of our group members who accurately predicted FGCU beating Georgetown AND San Diego State. I saw that in the ESPN bracket version they had almost 9 million entries and not one of them picked Georgetown to lose to FGCU.

Enjoy the games!

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  • blmeanie  On March 26, 2013 at 5:50 am

    I expected more upsets than normal, unfortunately I picked the wrong ones.

    In espn’s I have duke winning with Miami, Georgetown and gonzaga in final four.
    In my other pool I have Georgetown winning with duke, Ohio st., and miami

  • Mitchell  On March 30, 2013 at 12:38 am

    GO BLUE !!!

    Hey, what can I say, the brackets only mean something to me if my school is playing …

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