Time To Get Defensive

I for one am not unhappy the Giants decided to spend their first round pick on an offensive lineman. The fact is their offensive line is getting up there in age and Kevin Boothe is on a one-year contract. Pugh could be the right tackle this year. He could be the left guard next year. Wherever he ultimately ends up, he should keep Eli Manning upright and that is the key.

But now the Giants have to turn to defense. I don’t think the defense was as bad last year as it broke down statistically, but it was certainly not good. Osi Umenyiora is gone and Justin Tuck is entering the last year of his contract, so a defensive lineman wouldn’t be a bad idea. But perhaps the Giants should return to their roots and find a linebacker who can actually play?

It’s amazing to think of all the terrible linebackers the Giants have used over the past 20 years. And who was the last good linebacker the Giants drafted? Off the top of my head I would say Jessie Armstead and he was an 8th-round pick in 1993! (Did some research and found this list of year-by-year Giants’ picks. To be fair, I think Sintim could have been pretty good if he hadn’t gotten hurt.)

I trust Jerry Reese enough that if he picks a player I expect him to work out ok. I just hope he picks some defensive ones in the second and third round.

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