So Day 2 of the Giants draft went about exactly as I hoped when New York took two defensive players. Sure, one was a tackle, one was an end and neither was a linebacker, but the point was they boosted the defense. So, why some may quibble with the actual names they picked, I don’t think anyone can argue with the positions they chose. But then things got weird on Day 3 as the Giants decided to not only select a quarterback, but to trade up in order to select him.

Let me say up front that I have nothing against Ryan Nassib. I think he will probably be a good QB. My problem lies with the thinking behind the pick. Eli Manning is signed for the next three years and is currently 32-years old. Manning won’t last forever, but I wouldn’t bet against him playing at least five more years. And since entry-level NFL contracts last four, Nassib could very well be a free agent who leaves New York before Eli surrenders the starting QB spot.

So what is the thinking here? The Giants obviously view Nassib as an undervalued asset. But, every team in the league had multiple chances to pick him before the Giants traded up to get him, so how undervalued can he be? And if he holds a clipboard for the next couple of years, will his value do anything but go down? I don’t think so and that’s the other reason I don’t understand this pick. If the Giants didn’t have glaring needs at linebacker and some other spots, picking a backup QB wouldn’t be a terrible idea. But to pick a QB in the fourth round and lose an asset (albeit a sixth-round pick) to do so strikes me as foolish. Some will argue that Nassib represents a good “in case of emergency” plan if Manning gets hurt. Maybe I am undervaluing Nassib or overvaluing Manning, but I think that if Manning gets hurt nothing is saving this team.

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