What A Joke

So Sunday is Mothers’ Day, but if you are a hockey fan, I hope you have told Mom to wait to make plans until you can find out when your favorite hockey team is playing. We know the Rangers will be playing on Sunday, but we don’t know when they are playing. Why is that? Because of NBC and the NHL of course.

I get it, there is uncertainty over the games to be played on Sunday. Boston, Anaheim and Pittsburgh could close out their series tonight and therefore not need a game on Sunday. They could all lose and then we would have four games to watch on Sunday. But here’s the thing, the Rangers and Capitals are definitely going to play on Sunday and they are scheduled to play a Game 7 on Monday. So, to prepare for that eventuality shouldn’t the league mandate that the Rangers and Capitals play early in the day Sunday? I know it is not a long trip between Washington and New York, but having them play Sunday evening would be grossly unfair.

It’s just another example of how TV is the king and the convenience of the fans isn’t even a concern. The only way they will ever learn if is you stop paying for the tickets or turn off the TV.

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