It’s Over…Unless….

The old adage is that a playoff series doesn’t really begin until the road team wins a game. The Rangers have to hope that their playoff series with Boston won’t begin until Saturday. But here’s the thing, the Rangers aren’t going to win a game unless Henrik Lundqvist returns to being Henrik Lundqvist.

There are multiple reasons why the Rangers are in a 2-0 hole, but the biggest one is that they have surrendered eight goals in two games. The defense deserves a lot of the blame, 48 shots allowed in Game 1 is pathetic, but Lundqvist wasn’t even average in Game 2. Unless he regains his form, the Rangers are doomed. This is not a team built to win shootouts. They can win as long as their opponents don’t score more than 2 goals a game. Anything more than that and they are in big trouble.

So what will happen tomorrow night? The Garden crowd will be loud and obnoxious and the Rangers should come out energized. But they will need to take an early lead or the energy will dissipate quickly. If that happens, I suspect the Rangers will be eliminated in a sweep.


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  • blmeanie  On May 21, 2013 at 5:40 am

    Too soon to call for the brooms unless his shoulder injury talked about yesterday is something significant. This goes 6 or 7

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