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One Of These Things (Is Not Like The Others)

The NHL released the new names of the four divisions today and they are-Atlantic, Central, Pacific, and…METROPOLITAN.

I get the thought. Three of the teams in the Metropolitan Division play in the NYC Metropolitan area. Philadelphia and Washington are “Metropolises”. Charlotte, Columbus and Pittsburgh are certainly cities, but the name just doesn’t work with the other three. If you are going to use geographical names for the divisions, you need to do it for all of them.

The problem is, the NHL created a bit of a geography nightmare with their realignment. They took a bunch of teams from the Northeast and slapped them together with Detroit and two teams in Florida. So, Ottawa, Detroit, Toronto and Montreal, places where the Atlantic Ocean is only a rumor, are now part of the Atlantic Division.

And we are left with the awful Metropolitan Division. I don’t understand why they didn’t just go with the old names of Patrick, Adams, Norris and Smythe. Maybe its because nobody really knows the history behind those names? Fine, let’s update them to the Gretzky, Lemieux, Roy and Messier divisions, or something like that. Really anything would be better than what the NHL has come up with.

It’s Going To Be A Big Year

With tonight’s All-Star Game at Citi Field NYC is launching a big year of sporting events. Over the next twelve months, we will host the All-Star Game, The Super Bowl, two outdoor hockey games and the East Regional Finals of the NCAA’s. Regularly scheduled events include two basketball tournaments, a marathon, a bowl game, college hockey at the Garden and of course the home games for the nine local teams. It will be a fun year.

But, perhaps some of our fans need a bit of a refresher on our local stars. (The guy at the 1:52 mark is priceless)

A Rare Move

Ilya Kovalchuck announced his retirement from the NHL today. A retiring NHL player isn’t a big deal, but this is amazing because he is leaving $77-million on the table! Kovalchuck has decided to forgo that money and instead head back to Russia to be with his family.

Yes, Kovalchuck could still play hockey in the Russian league and earn some of that money and he has earned over $50 million in his career, but this has to be unprecedented. Kovalchuck’s contract calls for him to be paid $11,300,000 this year and next, $11,600,000 in ’15-16 and 11,800,000 in ’16-’17 before decreasing for the remaining 8 years. Instead, he is walking away from an awful lot of money.

I am racking my brain and trying to think of an athlete who has done anything like this voluntarily. I know some players have walked away from big contract extensions to retire, but this seems unprecedented. Hopefully A-Rod is paying attention!