What Did CBS Get?

Word is that NBC has “flexed” the Packers-Giants game out of Sunday Night for week 11. Can’t say I blame them, at best the Giants would be 3-6 going into that game. What struck me as odd was the fact that Chiefs-Broncos will be the new Sunday Night game.

Under the flex scheduling rules, CBS and Fox can protect five games each from Weeks 11-16 of the season with no more than one game protected by a network in a week. So in Week 11, CBS had the following games it could have chosen to protect:








I think it is fair to say that Chiefs-Broncos is clearly the best game of that bunch and it is not even close. Peyton Manning and a potential matchup between teams that are a combined 17-1 is impossible to beat. It’s no wonder why NBC picked it.

So maybe it wasn’t protected because CBS wanted for some reason to protect games in Weeks 12-16 and left Week 11 open? Well consider the fact that Week 12’s SNF matchup is Patriots-Broncos in what scenario would NBC ever flex that game out of that spot? Even if the Patriots and Broncos lose all their games heading into that matchup, it is still a 6-4 team led by Tom Brady facing a 7-3 team led by Peyton Manning. In other words, nothing will change that game from being on Sunday Night.

CBS had to know that and I can’t believe they would have bothered protecting any of their games in Week 12 because of that. So why wasn’t the Broncos-Chiefs game protected? It doesn’t make any sense and I have to think CBS cut some sort of deal with NBC. It’s really the only plausible explanation.

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