Season Over

I think I have been consistent in my dismissals of people who expected the Giants to make the playoffs. Let’s face it, other than a deeply flawed NFC East, they really didn’t have anything going for them that suggested they should make the playoffs. 

I hope we can move beyond that fantasy now. Sure, I guess when the division leaders are 6-5 and you are 4-7, there is a chance, but can we just admit that this football team is deeply flawed and not a playoff contender? 

Let’s start with the coaching, because I think it has escaped scrutiny too often at this point. I won’t nitpick the previous games, but I have some major problems with the play calling in this one. 

Start in the 2nd quarter when the Giants faced 3rd-and-goal from the Dallas’ 10. How do you call a draw there? But that wasn’t as awful as 3rd-and-19 from their own 35 with 1:41 left in the second quarter. How do you throw a short pass there when you want the other team to burn a timeout if you can’t get the first down? And, what in the world was Brown doing on that play and the last one running out of bounds? 

And then on the opening drive of the third quarter, 3rd-and-6 from the Dallas 35. I’m ok with throwing the ball on third down, if you are either going to kick a field goal or punt on fourth. But considering how well you are running the ball, I find it inexcusable to then go for it on fourth-and-6 in that situation. If you were going to go for it on fourth down, you should have run on third down!

Unfortunately, bad play calling is just a part of a team that is mediocre at best. The pass rush is terrible and that puts the entire defense in a hole. That’s not something they survive when they play anything but a lousy offensive team as we saw yesterday. 

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