The Ugly Truth

Let’s say you don’t think the Knicks are completely lost. Let’s say you think this year’s team is capable of making a big run and jumping back into the thick of things. The math required for that to happen is daunting.

For the Knicks to finish at .500, they will have to go 38-29 the rest of the way. That’s a .567 percentage, certainly not impossible.

Last year, you needed 49 wins to secure home court in the first round of the Eastern Conference. The Knicks will need to go 46-21- a .687 clip to achieve that. It’s worth mentioning at this point that last year’s club played .659 ball over the entire season.

Equaling last year’s mark of 54-28 would require the Knicks to play .761 ball (51-16) the rest of the year. I think we can cross that off the list of possibilities.

I don’t think the Knicks are this bad a team. I think they are capable of getting back to .500, maybe even a bit above that, but they won’t get to 49 wins and that probably means they won’t have home court at any point in the playoffs. Does that convince you it is time to start over?

Sadly, I don’t think the Knicks’ ownership realizes that the best thing to do would be to trade the assets they have and try to rebuild once again. They won’t surrender the season, even though the simple math makes it obvious they should. That’s the worst part of all of this. As bad as things are today, there is little to no hope they will get better in the future.

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