Monthly Archives: December 2013

It Doesn’t Matter

Apparently the fact that the Giants closed the season 7-3 matters. Apparently, that should erase the fact that they started out 0-6 due to some massive misjudgments of their personnel.

Stop for a minute and think about the teams the Giants beat over the final 10 games.

They beat a mediocre Eagles team at home. Yes, I know the Eagles made the playoffs, but that is because they play in the NFC East and Tony Romo had a herniated disc.

They beat Minnesota when Minnesota decided to try Josh Freeman at QB.

They beat Oakland a team that finished 4-12.

They beat Green Bay, but the Packers were without Rodgers at the time.

They beat a 3-13 Washington team twice.

And they beat a collapsing Lions team that fired their coach today.

But most of all, when it really mattered, against Dallas at home, or San Diego on the road, they lost. So please don’t try and make 7-9 sound better than it is. This was a terrible year and that’s really all that matters when we look back on 2013.

That isn’t a very constructive exercise, better to look ahead to 2014. The Giants clearly have some large holes to fill. They need to rebuild the offensive line completely. They need to tighten up a porous defense and they need to make some calls on some major free agents. I’ll get to all of that in 2014, but for now let’s be honest- this was a bad season.

Where Does The Axe Fall?

Expectations are a funny thing. The Yankees are widely derided for being failures after winning “only” 85 games, but chances are they will be the most successful local franchise in New York when the 2013-14 seasons conclude.

Think about it. The Giants have to win out to finish .500, so they won’t do better.

The Jets are 6-7, so they could win out and finish with a higher winning percentage, but is that likely?

Look at hockey. The Rangers and Devils are close to a playoff spot, but both are under .500. The Islanders are one of the worst teams in the league.

And then there is basketball where the Nets and Knicks are a combined 12-29.

So things aren’t very good in NYC sports. But my question is, where does the axe fall when it falls?

Rex Ryan was already almost fired last season, so he is too easy. Jason Kidd is a good choice. The Nets are clearly trying to win now and Kidd just fired Lawrence Frank- the guy he absolutely had to have on the bench with him. (And the guy who got a six-year/$1-million deal to sit on that bench).

But I think the best guess is Mike Woodson. As bad as the other teams are, and they are pretty bad, the Knicks are taking it to a different level. Sunday they were humiliated by the Celtics at the Garden. Last night they responded by not competing in Cleveland. Tonight they take the floor at MSG against the Bulls on National TV. If they mail it in again, I think Woodson gets fired.

That’s a shame because this isn’t his fault. This is Jim Dolan’s fault for chasing off Donnie Walsh and giving up the farm for Carmelo Anthony. So when the coach changes, don’t expect anything else to change. That’s the way things work these days at MSG.