Monthly Archives: February 2014

Random Thoughts

A busy winter has kept me away from here, my apologies. I will try and do better, but here are some collected thoughts I have had over the past few weeks.

I don’t know what Peyton Manning’s legacy will be, but it took a big hit in that Super Bowl. And, there is simply no excuse for that first snap. How does that happen?

How much longer will the IOC and FIFA reward countries with horrible human rights records and other abuses with events that are supposed to bring the world together? How ironic it was to watch Russia hold the Olympics while next door the Ukraine burned. We have the World Cup going to Russia in 2018 and then Qatar, when does this stop?

I have never been a Derek Jeter guy, but the hatred towards him is silly. Yes, he wasn’t the greatest player ever, but he has been a pretty great one. Why isn’t that something to celebrate?

I understand why the Rangers would try and trade Ryan Callahan and Dan Girardi, but they have to keep one of them. If it were me, I would bet on Girardi and trade Callahan even though it will make my heart hurt. Anyone who watched Team USA in the Olympics will understand why.

I think the Knicks should have traded Carmelo before the deadline. They may sneak into the playoffs, but so what? They aren’t getting out of the first round. I suspect the reason they didn’t is because they already traded their 2014 draft pick to Denver and they are desperate to not see that become a high lottery pick.

The problem with this thinking is that it ignores the fact that the pick is a sunk cost. They aren’t getting it back and they shouldn’t worry about it. The best they can do is improve the team going forward and trading Carmelo would have done that. Now the Knicks have to worry about the chance that Anthony decides to take his talents elsewhere. It would be hard to criticize him if he did. What future do the Knicks have? Some promise to rebuild after 2015 when Amar’e and Chandler come off the books, but is that enough to make anyone believe in them?