Reasons To Like/Dislike The Pick

Here are my thoughts on the Giants drafting Odell Beckham, Jr.


1- Some “experts” feel he is the best WR in the draft. I don’t think that’s the case, but I like players from big programs and LSU is one of the biggest.

2- With Nicks gone, the Giants had a need at WR

3- He’s fast- 4.43


1- The Giants’ best WR is a guy they signed as an undrafted free agent. There was some big-time help for the offensive and defensive lines available when they picked, why not wait on a WR?

2- He’s short- 5-11

3- The Giants have Jerrigan, also a LSU product, who looked ready to jump to the next level last year. I’m not sure “you can’t have too many receivers” is a football axiom.

What’s next?

Well in the next couple of rounds I would like to see the Giants address more weaknesses. Here are a few

1- Who is the starting Tight End?

2- Have they done enough on the Offensive Line? Pugh and Schwartz are solid, but questions linger over Walton, Beatty and Snee. Some help here would be good.

3- What about the Defensive Line? Their best tackle is in Minnesota. They have rebuilt the secondary, but what about the pass rush?

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