Stop Winning!

That wasn’t a misprint you saw under NBA scores last night, the Knicks really did beat the Thunder. In fact, the Knicks have now won four-of-five to “surge” into a tie with Philadelphia for the worst record in the Eastern Conference. Worse still, they are now a game better than Minnesota.

Finishing with the third-worst record in the league means not only a 10% reduction in your chance of landing the top pick, but also going from a guaranteed top-four pick, to a top-six pick. And with the Lakers now only three games ahead of them, the Knicks could ruin their chances even further.

But Langston Galloway is great and Hardaway is showing the form he displayed as a rookie you say. The future is appearing right now! Please, stop saying that. Galloway  has played NINE games. Let’s see him play the rest of this season before we anoint him the next Jeremy Lin. (See what I did there?) Hardaway looks better, but again, let’s see it last for half a season or more.

What appears to have happened is that the Knicks shed some of the “divaness” and added some lunchpail type players. Smith, Amundson, and Thomas are not afraid to get their uniforms dirty. They hustle and scrap, something the Knicks sorely needed. Every team needs guys like that, but the Knicks are still bad. They really only have Carmelo to put the ball in the hoop (Again, nine games for Galloway) and the defense is better, but still bad. If this team had started the season together, maybe it wins 30 games. But we are a long way from a championship, and will continue to be so, unless we snag a big draft pick.

So keep trying guys, just not too hard. (wink)


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  • hardwoodballer  On January 29, 2015 at 5:39 pm

    don’t worry, after the all star game melo will sit out the rest of the year and they will finish with the worst record. #fishtank

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