Super Saturday?

A few years ago the NFL tried to shove an 18-game regular season down the players’ throats. It didn’t work, but one of the reasons for it was a very good one- an 18 week season would put the Super Bowl on the Sunday before Presidents’ Day. The NFL would have granted a long-standing wish of most sports fans- the day after the Super Bowl would have been a national holiday. Since that isn’t happening, and the NFL has no desire to move the regular season start to a later date, how about they do the next best thing? Move the Super Bowl to Saturday Night.

“Super Saturday” sounds very similar to “Super Sunday” so that wouldn’t be a problem. The teams would get one less day off, but still would have 13 days to prepare for the game. The only real objection is that Saturday Night is the worst night of the week for TV viewership. Somehow, I think the Super Bowl would overcome that fact. Businesses would be excited to have fewer hungover people at their jobs the day after the Super Bowl. It seems like a no-brainer to me, but I doubt the NFL will concur.

One thing that may influence the possibility of a Saturday Super Bowl is next year’s NCAA College Football Playoffs. Because the Rose Bowl demanded to stay on New Year’s Day, and the Sugar Bowl did too, the semifinals will only be on New Year’s Day when those bowls are the semifinals- as happened in 2015. Next year, the semifinal bowls will rotate to the Cotton Bowl and Orange Bowl, but both games will be played on New Year’s Eve. This strikes me as stupid, but the TV viewership for these games could influence the NFL and the Super Bowl. If the games do well, it should convince the NFL that a Saturday Super Bowl is possible. If not, Sunday will probably remain the day of the big game and we will all have to deal with the Monday repercussions of that.

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  • blmeanie  On February 1, 2015 at 8:49 am

    I vote for Sunday and have the day after as a holiday. Saturday would be fine too as a secondary option.

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