Monthly Archives: February 2015

No Buzz For Baseball?

Last night the New York Rangers came back from a 3-1 deficit to win a great hockey game 4-3 and move into first place. The New Jersey Devils traded future Hall of Famer Jaromir Jagr to Florida. The Battle of Brooklyn went to overtime and St Francis, one of only five original NCAA teams to never make the tournament, took another step towards ending that streak. Any of these stories could have led the local sports reports on TV last night, but two of them weren’t even mentioned on the channels I watched. Instead, we got detailed reports from Tampa and Port St. Lucie on the state of the Yankees and Mets, including a home run total for A-Rod’s batting practice session.

Yet the print media has decided that their is no buzz around the Yankees. They are writing columns about how people don’t seem to care about baseball in New York. Maybe they will be ultimately proven right. If we hit July and the Yankees and Mets are out of the race and under .500, baseball may become an afterthought. But for now, it certainly isn’t and pretending it isĀ five weeks before opening day is just silly.