Bad Name, But Maybe A Good Team

NYCFC starts play in the MLS league today. Despite the dumb name, I am looking forward to it.

The name is dumb because the “F” stands for “Football” and this team plays soccer. I get it, outside of this country soccer is called football, but inside of it, the primary market for this club, it is soccer. And, when I think of a New York Football Club, I think of the Giants.

But despite that, this is an exciting thing. While the Red Bulls have existed for 20 years, they play in Jersey. For now, NYCFC will play in Yankee Stadium, but they should end up somewhere in the five boroughs.

In addition, they have some big-name players. Frank Lampard will join the club when the EPL is over. David Villa is here and playing in their opener. They are backed by deep pockets- Manchester City and the Yankees. In short, they aren’t your typical expansion club.

It’s been 20 years since MLS launched and they now have 20 teams playing in the U.S. and Canada. Apart from the ugly Chivas situation, they haven’t lost a team since 2001. Most of the clubs play in dedicated soccer stadiums in front of rabid fan bases. MLS is currently a AA or AAA league in terms of talent worldwide. It will be interesting to see where they are in 40 years.

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