Let’s Dance!-Part 1

We are 18 hours from the brackets being revealed, but I can’t wait. I have to pick the 10 teams I think can win it all when they ultimately get revealed.

1- Kentucky- If you don’t agree with this, you aren’t paying attention.

2- Duke- Yup, they lost in the ACC semis, but Okafor is awesome. (Though I think the Knicks would be better off taking Towns with the #1 pick)

3- Arizona- We tend to ignore the Pac-10 unless UCLA is leading it, but ignore this team at your own risk.

4- Wisconsin- Frank the Tank is a real beast in college and the next Adam Morrison in the pros.

5- Louisville- Pitino, Pitino, Pitino. Count him out at your own risk.

6- Kansas- Bill Self, Bill Self, ah you get it. I still think this crew is a bit short though.

7- Villanova- If the Big East still was the Big East, they would be higher. For now, let’s just say they have a legitimate shot.

8- Iowa State- Beat Kansas at home and won the Big 12 tourney. Don’t ignore them.

9- UNC- Talent to play with anyone, but do they have the heart ?

10- Butler- Again, if they Big East still was the Big East….

Some teams I am discounting at my own risk that others will tout….

1- UVA- Too hurt

2- Notre Dame- Too lucky

3- Any other SEC team besides UK- too mediocre

4- Any other Big 10 team besides Wisco- see above

5- Any other Pac-10 team besides Zona- The Pac-10 is terrible!

Back after the brackets.

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