Let’s Dance- Part 2

Well the brackets are out, and I like my ten picks from yesterday, with the exception of Butler and Kansas. They were placed in the same bracket as Kentucky. Not good at all.

But the other eight, look to be in good spots. Let’s go through it.

1- Kentucky (#1 seed)- They are the number 1 seed overall and have Kansas, Notre Dame, and Maryland as the “seeded sixteen” teams in their bracket. I think they cruise to the Final Four.

2- Duke (#1 seed)- I’m not sure how they got a #1 while UVA, the regular season ACC champ didn’t, but they have a clear path to the Final Four. Iowa State (#8 on my list ) is their biggest threat.

3- Arizona (#2 seed)- #2 in the West and probably the biggest threat to Kentucky in the Final Four. I think they make it and I think they do it. Put them in my Final Four.

4- Wisconsin (#1 seed)- Great comeback today, but I think they bow out early.

5- Louisville (#4 seed)- The East is probably the most wide-open bracket, but I don’t think they get past Villanova.

6- Kansas (#2 seed)- Kentucky will kill them. Notre Dame, Indiana could as well.

7- Villanova (#1 seed) – A clear path to the Final Four. UVA is damaged, Oklahoma is flawed, Louisville is the threat.

8- Iowa State (#3 seed)- See #2

9- UNC (#4 seed)- They can beat Wisconsin and Arizona, but that is a stern test.

10- Butler (#6 seed) – doomed with their draw.

So my Final Four is- Kentucky, Arizona, Villanova, Iowa State. And I will take Arizona and Iowa State in the finals with Arizona winning it.

Other seeded sixteen teams I didn’t consider.

2 seeds- Gonzaga and UVA. Gonzaga never impresses me as a favorite. They are the classic underdog. UVA is not the same team that won the ACC regular season.

3 seeds- Baylor, Notre Dame, Oklahoma. Of the trio, Notre Dame would be the one I consider the closest to a title.

4 seeds- Maryland and Georgetown. Maryland is also dangerous, but Georgetown could be upset in Round 1.

And if you want two bracket busters, I would pick Northern Iowa and Wichita State. Northern Iowa is a #5 seed in the East and Wichita State is a #7 in the Midwest. Ignore them at your own risk.


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