Monthly Archives: April 2015

Four Down Twelve To Go

Let’s take a minute and appreciate what the Rangers did last night. The┬áRangers have made the conference finals two times in the last three years, but it took them seven games in the first round both times. In fact, it took them seven games in the second round too. That won’t be the case if they advance this year to the conference finals as they have dispatched the Penguins in five.

That could be huge as they will get a chance to rest a bit now. Depending on what happens tonight in Washington, the Rangers may be off until Wednesday. That’s valuable time as it will allow Kevin Klein more time to heal and Matt Zuccarello more time as well. The NHL playoffs are a grind and rest is always a good thing.

And while we wait, I am going to root for the Islanders to beat Washington tonight and Monday. I know it may be sacrilege for a Rangers’ fan to root for the Islanders, but I want to see them face each other in the playoffs again. It happened eight times from 1975 to 1994, but hasn’t happened since then. It’s time to see it again.

One More Win

The Rangers are leading the Penguins 3-1 in their playoff series and heading home for Game 5. It was almost exactly a year ago that Pittsburgh was leading the Rangers 3-1 in a playoff series and heading home for Game 5. It’s important to remember that as the Rangers haven’t won anything yet.

My biggest worry is that the Rangers keep showing up flat. They did it in Game 2 of this series and got beaten and they did it last night, but escaped after a brutal first period. Luckily for the Rangers, Pittsburgh didn’t take full advantage of a team that seemed to be skating in circles for the first 20 minutes. The Rangers somehow emerged from a period where they managed only two shots down 1-0.

I don’t think they will get that lucky again. Pittsburgh has way too much firepower, and if the Rangers come out flat tomorrow they will pay for it. And if they lose Game 5, Pittsburgh gets to go home and play for Game 7. And if they go to Game 7, all bets are off.

What’s Your Favorite Sports Day?

Some of my favorite sports days of the year have happened in the past few months. The opening day of March Madness with 16 games is a personal favorite. Opening Day of the baseball season, especially when it is combined with the end of March Madness like this year, is another. It got me thinking, what other days merit inclusion on this list?

For my list, I am including two rules. First, the day has to be a day. You can’t say the first week of the NFL season for example, or the World Series. Second, it has to be a national event. Patriots’ Day in Boston is cool, but it isn’t really known outside of Boston. Here are a few of my favorites.

Fathers’ Day- You get the final round of the U.S. Open and plenty of baseball.

The NFL conference championships- I prefer these games to the Super Bowl because there are two of them and they are usually better.

Belmont Stakes Day- Often you get a triple crown bid, but even without it you also have a NBA final or NHL final game to watch as well, plus plenty of baseball.

Thanksgiving- Turkey and plenty of football.

New Year’s Day 2015- This was awesome with the college football semis, but the powers that be won’t let us enjoy it again until 2018 because they are dumb.

How about you?