Monthly Archives: October 2015

First Place!

The Giants are in first place. Can that possibly be true? The standings say it is, so I guess we should believe it, but this doesn’t look like a first place team.

For one thing, the pass defense is the worst in the league. For another, they are 26th in the league in terms of total sacks. There is no situation where you can trust the defense to make a stop as we have seen time and again.

But, the offense is pretty good, and could be really great if they can get all of their receivers healthy. The offensive line is doing a fantastic job protecting Eli and Eli is having one of his best seasons ever. They still aren’t great at running the ball, but that may become easier if teams try to take away the pass against them.

The next two weeks should give us a good idea of if this team is a playoff contender. Monday Night in Philly and then home against Dallas. 1-1 is the minimum they need to achieve. I am not convinced they can, so¬†let’s enjoy the standings this week as we may not see them in this order¬†again this season.

Drop The Puck!

I am grateful that the NHL season is starting tonight, I need the distraction. And I couldn’t be happier about how the Rangers are opening their season- watching Chicago raise a banner to the rafters.

That’s the standard the Rangers are going to be held to this upcoming season. They had a great year last year, until they were stymied by Tampa in the Conference Finals. This is their time, they are built for right now, and they need to figure out a way to get to the top.

That won’t be easy, but it will be fun to watch over the next nine months.