Better Than I Hoped, But A Long Way To Go

I’m already on record for predicting the Giants will lose to New England this weekend. That was before the season started, and I thought they would be 4-6 heading into the bye. Assuming I am right about this weekend, they will be 5-5.

That’s good, but the rest of the schedule, even after this weekend, isn’t encouraging. They have to play @Washington, Jets, @Dolphins, Panthers, @Minnesota, Eagles. That’s an undefeated team, two legitimate playoff teams in the Jets and Vikings and the Eagles, who alway give them fits. 2-4 to close the season seems about right because the flaws everyone thought would be there are there in bunches.

They can’t rush the passer. They can’t play defense. This weekend could be an amazing display of offensive firepower by New England. Probably the only thing that will keep things reasonable is Belichick’s respect for the Giants’ organization. Short of Belichick calling off the dogs, I think Brady&Co could put up 70 on Sunday. We shall see.


On a separate topic, there seems to be a lot of talk this week about how New England “should have” won their two Super Bowls with the Giants and they should have six Super Bowl rings now. To me that is the dumbest form of sports argument because you play the game and the winner is the winner.

Clearly, New England was the better team in 2008, but I would not agree with that  in 2012. Furthermore, you can play this argument from two sides. Who should have won the Rams-New England Super Bowl? So do you take that one away from New England? Of course not. New England won four Super Bowls and lost four, those are the facts and we should leave it at that.

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